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New Arrivals

About Us

"You sit down at a table. Beside you are two orcs, glancing sheepishly at their cards while tossing gold into the center and taking swigs from canteens strewn about the wooden surface."


Beginning as a friendly game to be played in a D&D campaign, Duplicity took flight when, after the session, one of the players, Ethan, approached Chris, the DM, about playing the game more. A game enthusiast and aspiring game designer himself, Chris' passion was ignited by the spark that was Ethan's love of interactive strategy games. The two quickly put their heads together to figure out a way to share this game with more people. Over the course of over a year of development, the game came into its own, burgeoned by Ethan's growing experience in business and Chris' exploration into game theory and statistics. Duplicity delivers on the two creator's collective vision: a game that combines deal-making, information gathering, and a little bit of luck to create fun and complex situations that all but place the players on the thrones of their own kingdoms.

The Team

Our team is a group of young board game players, excited to bring our idea to market. We believe our youth will provide the energy and new perspective to create an original game players will love.


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If you are interested in Into the Limelight, be that buying the game, giving advice, or investing, please contact us via the message system to the left or send us an email at!



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